About us
Senmal International Co., Ltd. is a group company with subsidiaries Xinghe Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. (Hubei) and Yongkang Senmal Tools Co., Ltd. We have more than 12 years of experience in extruding and processing aluminum profiles.
Our background in aluminum production enables us to provide various aluminum products, including wheelchair ramps, loading ramps, pet ramps, ATV ramps, portable chainsaw mills, and accessories. Based on the geographical advantages and mature industrial supply chain of Yongkang, a well-known hardware city worldwide, Senmal products have been exported to over 40 countries and are widely used globally.(see some factory pictures?click here)
As the original manufacturer, we established our own sales team, service team, and export company, Senmal International Co., Ltd., in 2021. We will no longer collaborate with any other companies for exporting our products outside of China as we did in the past 10 years. We have retrieved the patents, CE certification, and reserved all rights. "Senmal" is our trademark (TM No. 66168450) and brand since 2021. Any other company dealing with the name "Senmal" without authorization from Yongkang Senmal Tools Co., Ltd. is illegal and risks customs inspections and penalties! Our "self-production and self-marketing" business model significantly reduces costs in intermediate links, benefiting our customers. For our existing partners, we will continue to provide the same high-quality products and services at more competitive prices. Please contact us via Tel/WeChat/WhatsApp +86-13665841750 (available 24X7) or email sales@senmaltool.com or sales3@chainsawmill.cn or yksenmal@126.com to obtain the updated catalog and price list. Thank you!
With over 10 years of experience in producing aluminum ramps, the "Senmal" brand represents high-quality standards. We have produced more than 1 million sets of ramps in the past 10 years, leading the industry. The advanced anodizing and grinding treatments applied to the ramps ensure both aesthetics and enhanced quality.All ramps from Senmal are CE certified. with 2 years quality guarantee.
Senmal sawmills are high quality tool attachment to the chainsaw. All the connection parts are made of die- casting aluminium to low the weight for easier long-time milling job and increase the toughness, We guarantee these tools will not damage in  any harsh environment if proper operated and enjoy 2 years quality guarantee. All sawmills are CE certified and "Yongkang Senmal Tools Co.,ltd" is the Chinese patent holder of full series of sawmills.

We also source products in Yongkang area for our old friends to make combined order together with our own products. Yongkang is the world-wide famouse hardware city and we can almost source all the hardware products such as the garden tools, car repairing tools, outdoors products etc. with very reasonable prices and guaranteed quality since we also have the QC department for that.
Please contact by phone call or email if you have interest in distributing our products. we will reply within 12 hours. We are looking for new distributors all over the world and will do the best support in China. We warmly welcome all customers to visit our offices, factories and warehouse in the hardware city--Yongkang. Contact us now and we are confident to meet mutual benefit!. Thanks for your time! 
CEO speech on company's 10th anniversary    CEO: Mr Ye Lin  23,Apr,2021